Market and Product Development

Asepticys is developing a completely novel, daily use multipurpose disinfection solution (MPDS), STR-325, for contact lens users. Current use of commercial MPDS products is associated with microbial keratitis, a serious condition usually involving bacterial or fungal infection from contaminated contact lens, which affects 1 of 80 reusable contact lens users domestically despite high rates of compliance using current commercially available MPDS. Over $13 billion is being spent annually to treat microbial keratitis that is a direct result of commercial MPDS that are suboptimal for disinfection.

Existing MPDS for the purposes of contact lens hygiene are suboptimal for antimicrobial action, promote biofilm growth, and prohibitively expensive. 

In contrast, STR-325

Asepticys is confident that our next generation that STR-325, will set new standards in over the counter (OTC) daily use contact lens cleaning systems and will become indispensable personal healthcare products domestically and worldwide.

Product Under Development

STR-325 has been designed to improve microbial killing without risking increased cytotoxicity from residual on cleaned contact lens, are interestingly based upon the principals of industrial wastewater treatment which is required to kill and deactivate the world’s toughest pathogenic organisms. We used proprietary and novel chemistries to develop a formulation that provides effective and safe sterilization of contact lens that collectively represents a new generation in MPDS hygiene.