Asepticys is developing new generation chemically unique medical disinfection solutions that are effective across a broad spectrum of microbial pathogens and clinically beneficial in numerous medical and consumer healthcare applications.

The medical disinfection solutions contain a unique combination of sterilizing agents, creating a multiple stressor environment that kills and deactivates pathogenic organisms across all microbial kingdoms. This approach is materially different than selective disinfection using either single or dual stressors (e.g., chlorhexidine derivatives), which is currently the standard of care in medical/clinical healthcare. The disinfection solutions are minimally reactogenic and gentle enough for numerous clinical applications including topical skin disinfection, ophthalmologic, surgical, urology catheter, venous catheter and needleless IV connectors, and trauma, wound and burn site maintenance.

The disinfection solutions have been specifically engineered for clinical use and could dramatically reduce hospital-acquired and consumer healthcare-related infection, as well as improve patient outcome via reduction of nosocomial infection in postsurgical/treatment maintenance while in hospital. 

We are currently focused on development of a multipurpose contact lens disinfection solution (MPDS) to be used regularly as a broad-spectrum sterilizer for daily use lenses. Our solution is gentle enough to be used daily, requires minutes for complete sterilization of the lens, and is isotonically balanced for comfort. Also, because of unique combination of sterilants in our formulation, the risk of unwanted biofilm formation in cleaning/storage CL containers is essentially eliminated.