Our Story

Our Mission

Asepticys develops innovative products that shield you and your family from the many hidden pathogens that are all around us. Innovation. Protection. Health. That’s our mission and our promise to you.

Our anti-infective products employ a revolutionary new technology – TriFlect™ – which combats skin and wound infections caused by dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses in millions of patients every year.

Asepticys is providing a whole new line of defense in the battle against infections and we are just getting started. The ground-breaking work is already giving rise to our first new product.


Asepticys was founded in 2015 by two world-class infectious disease specialists at Tulane University and the Chief of Ophthalmology at the VA Hospital. Together they developed a unique, highly-effective and safe anti-infective compound. Their discovery delivered fast-acting and broad spectrum biocidal control against all major classes of pathogens – bacteria, fungal, viral, and amoeba.

Under the guidance of industry leaders and investors led by Fred Eshelman (founder of PPD, Furiex Pharmaceuticals and Eshelman Ventures), Asepticys filed for broad IP rights and accelerated its R&D activity. The company is using this unique compound to create a wide platform of anti-infective products and new topical treatments for infectious diseases.

That patented technology – TriFlect™ – is now powering Asepticys’ pipeline. Asepticys has a number of novel and fast-acting products under development for topical control of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Each of these indications is poised to disrupt the market for infection control, and improve the lives of millions of patients.

Company Highlights

Novel Anti-Infective Compound
Discovered at Tulane University
IP through 2036 and beyond; Exclusively licensed to Asepticys
New chemical entity; not used for any prior Rx/OTC product
Established Safety
First human clinical trial completed in 2018
Data confirms safe for disinfection of contact lenses for use in eye
Next anti-viral product advancing through pre-clinical studies for INDA filing in late 2019 / early 2020
TriFlect™ Technology
Fast-acting biocidal activity against bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens creates opportunities for multiple Rx and OTC products
Commercial launch of lead product in 2019
All pipeline products significantly out-perform existing commercial products